Meet Dr S Faujdar

“Healthcare –The most important yet often neglected aspect in our country.” This truly represents the state of treatment of people which is often neglected.

Homeopathy as a part of treatment which has more than 200 years of establishment, in both acute and chronic conditions is a natural form of medicine.

An epitome in field of Homeopathy, Dr.S.Faujdar was born in year 1982 in Chhatarpur (M.P). Since his childhood Dr.S.Faujdar was keen in knowing about various diseases and its treatment. His grandfather Dr.P.D.Faujdar was a renowned Ayurveda doctor and had an established medical store. With his grandfather, Dr.S.Faujdar learnt a lot about natural ways of treatment. But still he was curious to know more about untreatable diseases. So in standard 10th he made his mind to study natural medicine. With this intent in mind Dr.S.Faujdar did Homeopathy degree course (BHMS)-Gold Medalist from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. During his college life, he learnt a lot about all treatment options with medicines which his professors appreciated.

After completion of his studies, in year 2003 Dr.S.Faujdar started giving services in collaboration of Gwalior Charitable trust where low income group people with surgical conditions of osteoarthritis and varicose veins came. Initially Dr.Faujdar and his team treated the patients causally. But when they learnt that patients came for repeat treatment after receiving improvement, Dr .Faujdar gained more interest in treating the surgical conditions with medicines or where the patients did not received any improvement after long time treatment with allopathic medicines.

This treatment was gaining good response and in span of four years (2002-2005) more than 500 patients were treated with 90-95% recovery after 12-18 months follow up in severe surgical conditions.

But this made him to try more advanced treatment options, thus Dr.S.Faujdar moved from Gwalior to Agra. Here as an Associate of Dr.Pareek, Dr S.Faujdar learnt about advanced and complicated cases.

With these learning’s Dr.S.Faujdar came to Indore (M.P) an established his own clinic in 2008 where he treats patients of Varicose Veins, Fistula, piles, osteoarthritis and other complicated surgical cases with medicines. He had treated also patients with chronic symptoms of cancer, kidney failure and cerebral palsy.

Apart from this, Dr.S.Faujdar also treats patients with Auto immune disorders like Ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, asthma. The main motto of Dr.S.Faujdar treatment is short time span to cure the disease.

These patients are advised surgery as the last resort where Dr.Faujdar treats them with care and concern. To put in his own words “Man is not a machine, treat with care and sympathy.”

Dr. Faujdar treatment is backed by his in-depth research in field for which he was facilitated by homeopathic education and research foundation, GWALIOR MP

Dr.Faujdar treats his patients holistically. The treatment is without any side effects and is backed with data on effective treated patients. Till now Dr.S.Faujdar has treated more than 1 lakh patients with results.

Dr.S.Faudar treats patients mentally, physically and socially. He works on cure rather than just advising. He works on improving lifestyle and making people happy.

Personal treatment for each individual.

Diseases are an outcome of imbalance in the body. Whenever the body fails to recover from the imbalance created, diseases occur.

These diseases can be treated naturally by using certain substances found in nature or using certain chemicals which help in restoring the imbalance. The natural way of treating the disease is Homeopathy while using certain chemicals is Allopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like. For example an onion is a substance which makes your eyes water and your nose burn. If you are having an attack of hay fever with watering eyes and a burning nose, a homeopathic remedy made from onion can relieve it.
Medical science is progressing day by day, but still medicines are unable to treat deadly diseases. Since the immune system of man functions only when he is treated properly.

Thus it is rightly said “Man is not a machine.” The medical treatment should be minimally invasive to human body. The occurrence of auto-immune disorders occurs only when man is treated like a machine.

The purpose of Dr.S.Faujdar Clinic is only “To treat people with care, making them Happy and restoring a Human being with precision.”

Dr.S.Faujdar wants to give benefits to more people by making them aware about how human body works naturally with his experience. With this intent in mind he wants to connect more and more people who can use his services.

Dr.S.Faujdar firmly beliefs that “Prevention is better than cure; hence a normal person should treat his body with care.”
Dr.S.Faujdar clinic –Best Holistic Homeopathy Centre at Indore offers treatment for a wide variety of acute and chronic diseases like Varicose Veins, Fistula, Piles, osteoarthritis ,ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

The specialities of Dr.S.Faujdar clinic are:

  • Treatment involves treating Man not the disease.
  • Treatment will cover Mental, Physical and social aspects.
  • After treatment follow up for improving lifestyle.
  • Full cure of disease POSSIBLE

These are some of the aspects of Dr.S.Faujdar Clinic which helps a patient recover faster. Dr.Faujdar takes utmost care for his patients and helps the needy people.