Male Sexual Dysfunction




Sexual dysfunction is any physical or psychological problem that prevents you or your partner from getting sexual satisfaction. Male sexual dysfunction is a common health problem affecting men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age. Treatment can often help men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to develop or maintain an erection that is rigid enough to allow penetration of the vagina, and therefore functional sexual intercourse. Generally, the term erectile dysfunction is applied if this occurs frequently (75% of the time) over a significant period of time (several weeks to months). If this is the case, the term impotence may also be used.


Physical causes of overall sexual dysfunction may be:

Low testosterone levels

Prescription drugs (antidepressants, high blood pressure medicine)

Blood vessel disorders such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure

Stroke or nerve damage from diabetes or surgery


Alcoholism and drug abuse

Psychological causes might include:

Concern about sexual performance

Marital or relationship problems

Depression, feelings of guilt

Effects of past sexual trauma

Work-related stress and anxiety


The symptoms of sexual Dysfunction in men include:

Lack of sexual desire, sexual fantasies, or interest in sexual contact

Inability to have or maintain any erection

Inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual penetration

Inability to reach an orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation and signs of arousal

Ability to achieve orgasm only after an unusually lengthy period of stimulation

Ability to achieve orgasm only during masturbation or during oral sex

Ability to achieve orgasm only in situations that are considered bizarre or taboo, such as fetishes

Difficulty controlling the timing of orgasm and ejaculation, so that it occurs very early in sexual contact, leaving the other partner dissatisfied.

Lack of ejaculation

Persistent erection unassociated with sexual desire

Bloody ejaculation (This can be frightening but is usually not serious.).